Goddess Series

Skills: Goddess

New Paintings from the Giving Goddess Series
By Bronwyn Merritt

A favorite subject of mine is images of women with animals and their spirit connection, like a witch with her “familiar”.  This latest collection includes saints, shamans and artisans with animals they love and objects they have created.  These paintings were inspired by a quote from an interview with Yusor Abu-Salha, who recalled a lesson from her teacher, Sister

“She held out her cupped hands together and said, ‘Only when your hands are open, in a gesture of trust and giving, can they be open to receive what others have to offer.’”

These women are willing to share their gifts and receive wisdom. Their hands are outstretched and open to signify their desire to give of themselves, and their intention to accept offerings from others. Yusor Abu-Salha’s commitment to reaching out to help others and to learn from them is the inspiration for these paintings of strong, generous and capable women, portrayed as Goddesses.

Bronwyn Merritt, 2018