Disaster Plan

     The worst thing in the world has happened. A death. A fire. Job loss. Disease, famine, frogs and locusts.
     What will you do?
     You will practice.
     But there are arrangements, phone calls, grieving, hard work, reaching out. Being silent, caring for others, accepting help and planning a way forward! How can you even think about art at this point? Why would you?
     Because you will eat, and sleep, and laugh at times. You will see faces of loved ones or make new friends. You will be healing through all those things and more. And you will be healing through your art. You will find comfort and fulfillment through the practice just as you have always done. Because the practice is still there. It is indestructible.
     Today I got some difficult news followed immediately by some more difficult news. I was paralyzed for a bit, before realizing I needed to get to my studio. I had promised a student my help, and frankly, it was the best thing for me. Busying my mind, occupying it with a problem it could solve, rather than mental hand-wringing, accomplishing nothing. It was a reminder that resistance to the practice is pretty much always wrong.
      My mother used to say there was nothing worse than doing nothing. If you have priorities, by all means meet them. But don’t become stagnant in grief, or anger or frustration. Take whatever you have to your practice, and put it through the mill of your memories, dreams, and creative vision. Your practice has stretched and toned your gifts into shape for this event, and built up the endurance of your talents to see you through any challenge. This is your moment to shine.
There is power in your hands. Use your gifts. A pencil and paper might be all you need.

There is power in your hands. Use your gifts. A pencil and paper might be all you need.


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