On Change

There is a kind of change we fear most. Sudden, unwanted change— that brings instability, uncertainty and even grief is hard for creatures of habit. Fortunately, we know things about change that can help us weather it, whatever it may be. Change is inevitable. While we don’t know the future, we can expect there will […]

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On Going Under

     There are two times in my life that I have thought about the literal and metaphorical idea of going under a wave to avoid being swept away: first, while learning to swim, panicking as a frothy wall of water billowed toward me, until my father convinced me to take a deep breath and […]

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A quick floral study only takes minutes- and being able to dash off a little painting is a great skill to develop.

Little by Little

       I love the challenges that artists and other creatives take on to boost their success. A painting a day for thirty days (or three), writing a page a day for a year, or one new show entry a month– all those incremental goals feel manageable, and in fact make a huge impact […]

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Photography, inventory, merchandising, sales, pricing, copywriting-- it

Writing Again

I started my first blog post with an exhortation to use writing as a tool for sparking creativity, cleaning out mental clutter and making a record for assessing progress. A friend of mine, who is very tech savvy, shrugged off my suggestions about writing in longhand as a daily practice for creativity and mental clarity. She […]

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A childhood memory of cutting each others' hair became a key piece in my Master's Thesis. Art crops up everywhere if you let it.

Why We Paint

    For the last day of this 30 days of blogs about the daily studio practice, I address the most essential ideas behind humans and creativity. Each of these 30 posts has covered something that comes up in a daily practice over the normal course of events– but this one is about the driving […]

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There is power in your hands. Use your gifts. A pencil and paper might be all you need.

Disaster Plan

     The worst thing in the world has happened. A death. A fire. Job loss. Disease, famine, frogs and locusts.      What will you do?      You will practice.      But there are arrangements, phone calls, grieving, hard work, reaching out. Being silent, caring for others, accepting help and planning a […]

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This collage made from memory fragments of someone I was once close to seemed too personal to me to ever be marketable. But the dfirst customer I ever engaged about the story of the piece bought it immediately after hearing the story. We share strong connections of memory and experience with so many others on this earth. Art can connect us by making the personal universal. Memories of a Girl (2003) SOLD

Tell Your Story

     Never underestimate the importance of your personal story in helping potential customers connect with your art. While sales may not be important to you, if you are making art, you are seeking connections through your work. Telling your story is what I call the difference between sales and marketing.      Post a […]

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It was the intriguing story lines apparent in my early relief prints that united them as a body of work and made them unique. This work, The Hallway, has a lot going on, even if you aren't sure exactly what.


  I always hate it when someone asks me “What’s your favorite (book, movie. song, flavor, color)?” because my mind doesn’t work that way. I am more comfortable with naming things I like, as opposed to things I like best. But I am going to ask you to play favorites, in the interest of your daily […]

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I always imagined the print, The Happy Bachelor, as a snapshot of a guy who was celebrating himself, content with his life and pleased with his achievements. It's a good life!

On Milestones

     Did you commemorate the day you painted your 100th painting? Your first solo show? Your best month of sales? Did you recognize your biggest collector or your 500th blog subscriber or your first juried show prize (or acceptance)? There are good reasons to celebrate milestones in your career.      Elevating small achievements […]

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This Very Bad Doll was created from a place of total experimentation without judgment, and let to a collection of amazing shamanic dolls that I am still refining because I don't sew. When I am ready, I will let them loose on the world!

On Expertise

   As an artist, you must have total mastery of the process of production of your art. You must use the proper terminology, understand the basic chemistry, and use the best practical standards and materials. And as if that is not enough…      You have to be able to talk about it. What inspired […]

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