On Intention

I have come to appreciate the significant contribution of intention to the eventual outcome of our actions. Over the summer I engaged in some experimental art which came from some reading I did about “practical witchcraft”. After reading a real Wiccan perspective on spells, and what they mean, I began to understand the strong and lasting effect of setting intention, which casting a spell most certainly does.

Prayer is another method by which we set intention. In a terrible crisis we may pray, “let this not be happening” . If the worst is confirmed, we pray, “let this be made better”. When all is lost, we pray, “let me get through this day”. At every stage, we are acknowledging some understanding of the worst-case scenario coming to fruition. We are setting an intention to deal with change and turmoil and loss. When a spell is cast, say for protection of a loved one in harm’s way, that comes from a place of acknowledgement of the uncertainty of fate.  It is a positive intention that reframes the negative of fear.

Every day, in small ways, we set intentions this way: “This trip to the store is going to be a nightmare.”
“I hate weddings. Why do I have to go?”  “I will never be able to finish this.” You can see the similarity to the spells, or prayers– yet no one ever prayed to lose, or cast a spell to be miserable. Yet we do set negative intentions when we view our daily practice as being fraught with complications, impediments and drudgery. How many artists have you heard say they “hate to draw”? That they are “no good at marketing”? Or that they “don’t have time to paint” ?

I am suggesting that a part of your daily practice should be a conscious exercise of setting intention to succeed in that practice.  “I am an artist. I am living my dream of a creative life. I have everything I need to reach my goals. The universe wants me to succeed. Every day I practice my art is a victory.” Cast spells, light candles, chant or pray or pull a tarot card from the deck. Focus on the positive and realistic and plan to get what you want. There is no point in planning for failure.