On Beginning

    Every moment is a new opportunity to change.
     I chose to make this post after five days of entries on the studio practice, because this action is vital to the lifelong practice of art, or anything else you can imagine.
     Begin again.
     After a failure, a success, an injury or a loss, a life-changing event or a long stretch of boredom. Begin again.
    Renew your commitment to health, to a loved one, to learning, to drawing, or to hard work. Whatever you have forgotten, let go of, neglected or betrayed, you can also remember, retrieve, care for and hold sacred. The little plans we make to do more, to be better, are all manageable as long as we are allowed to falter, and to wander, and then get back on the path. There will be an endless series of circumstances that disrupt and derail your practice. The embodiment of the practice is to return to it anyway.  Without judgment or regret, take the first step and then another, day after day. That is the great secret to success. The practice is the really the performance.
Knowing that, all that is needed is the desire for a new beginning.